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Consumption leading to the "transpositonal consideration" in marketing for the stationery manufacturers

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-28


          With deepening of the brand competition in stationery industry,the leading time of consumers has come to us.It is no longer important that how many products the stationery enterprises develop, and what is more important is whether  the products are suitable for consumers' demand and if they can win enough loyalty, otherwise,no matter you put the most products to the market,the consumers will gradually forgotten.But why the stationery manufacturers have to stand in the consumer's point:



           One, improve brand propagation force


           The purpose of brand communication is constantly deepen the memory of our brand into consumers' heart.Therefore,brand communication also need systematic positioning, and need to stick to it, and leave deep value symbol in the consumers' mind, so when consumer is buying the product, the first time they must think about your brand.Once the stationery brand has established, then we should to the spread of persistent activity around brand positioning.And should focus on the brand effectively, then it can resonate with consumers for emotional or value.At the same time, must be insisted on it, some brand spreading can't be systematic and continued,they changed the brand again and again,so that they can;t find their target consumers,and there is a deviation or lack of persistence on the positioning.


           Two, the occupation advantage of price


           For stationery industry, the product price is of vital importance in the marketing, especially in the serious homogeneity market.Once the stationery brand has established,then we should specify the certain product prices.When do the pricing,we can't object from the ability of the consumer to buy,and also should insight into the development trend of consumer demand,then it can lead to the effect of demand trends.Therefore, to develop the product prices should be proactive, constantly upgrade the product according to the consumer demand , to occupy the competitive advantage of price, benchmarking in a certain period of time.


            Three, to win consumer loyalty


            Product quality is the top priority to win customer loyalty.The quality of the products is the fundamental which make business survival,no matter how innovative the taste and the technology is ,quality is the most basic safeguard.Only on the premise of to ensuring the product quality,we can obtain more customers' trust.Product quality is the core of the stationery brand, as well as the root of enterprises' development.


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