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Stationery innovation is valuable for stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-01-06

OEM production is a typical mode of production for many China medium-sized stationery enterprises.Most of stationery manufacturers turn into the domestic markets during the weak international stationery market.And they set up a special team resposible for follow up the development of domestic market.

The whole foreign trade keep growth since the beginning of this years.Accoring to Chineses customs statistics,the import and export total value about $2.05 trillion,it is including 1.05282 trillion of exports,increase of 10.4%,And cover imported of $944.87 billion.Learned from the above siuation.The growth of China stationery exportant is higher then the major trading partners.Except the exports rose 14.0% in HongKong.The other major trading partners are in the slow growth such as Brazil,Russia,South Africa and so on.At the same time,, the market structure of foreign trade appear differentiation, and the export value of EU and Japand are go down.

It is easy to see from the above data,Although the emerging market are keep growth,the traditional export conuntry such as European Union remain weak.It is the way to find the breakthough whether to turn into the domstic market or expand the emergin markets.There are not the unified models for China stationery factories.Suitable is best.

Besides the OEM production,Lepusheng stationery also has been committed to the independent brand building.To keep the  independent development and design for stationery.Compet with other stationery enterprises which only do the OEM production.Lepusheng is easy to expand the deomstic market.Whether the sales network coverage, or brand maintenance and the support for public welfare activities, all of them are the best  foundation the domestic market.

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