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Important significance for the stationery enterprises in product and channel optimization

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-10-13


The development of stationery industry is getting more an more mature but with the higher and higher fierce.Stationery enterprises need to strengthen the diversification of marketing channels, and make the new pattern through brand.Optimize structure not only can reduce the cost of enterprisers,but also can make the smoothly development for the enterprisers.
Product optimization
Student stationery products as end products, it would be face the terminal market.Stationery suppliers to do well in the market,Brand build  is the vanguard.So that improve the added value of the stationery brand is necessary for each enterprise.It has important significance for the brand development.
The original is the key for the product research and development,to improve the work efficiency,strengthen study of functional products for the core technology products.And improve the technology application level.Under the business environment,this is the prerequisite for the stationery products research and development.But there is need a new channel,only keep the perfect channel then to keep continuously circulation.
Channel optimization 
How to optimize channel and bring more benefits to the terminal, it has become an urgent need be solved problem in the stationery brand. The pressure increase with the rising cost and rents.When the traditional channels in trough,the emerging markets always are shown the rapid growth just like the e-commerce.
E-commerce has provides a good comparison for consumer media, at the same time,in the traditional marketing media, consumers always inadvertently found the product information. But to promotion throught the Internet for stationery suppliers is not only sove a lot of cost,but also in the effective ways.So that the effective from the Internet is a better way of  promoting.
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