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Does students stationery divide into "boys and girl"

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-15


          In the eyes of many parents, toys can be divided into boys and girls, gender labels is one of the basis for parents to to buy toys for the children.In many other industries, products are always divided into boy and girl,so does the stationery industry, so do you know if it is necessary to divide the stationery products into boys and girls?



          Does this kind of practice science to specially sign on gender labels for stationery?Experts think that this is not necessary.In fact ,learning stationery have less gender consciousness than toys, the cars, toy guns are for little boys, barbie doll toys, plush toys are for girls, to do this kind of toy gender classification is good for training children.But it is not wise that never let the girl touched the car or never let the boy touch plush toys.So do the stationery products, there is absolutely no for boys or for girls.


          Some stationery manufacturers have colorful stationery products especially the pink, red, etc which slant to feminine color, in order to compete for the market of boys,then it will be corresponding launch sky blue, and green lake which are pure and fit for man.But this is not to say that the color can only use the gender groups.Those complete set of production is a classification for stationery manufacturers and for stationery itself,it has no use limit.


           Lepusheng suggest that parents don't have to choose students stationery in pink colors to the girls and blue colors to the boys, as long as the color beautiful,then it is OK.


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