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Improve the value of stationery proudcts needs analysis from two aspects

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-05

There is the advantage in the global market for many China products.But it is a pity that those product are lack of the added value and leaded into a disadvantage position. In the such situation,to improve the product's value is very important.Small and medium-sized enterprises should not think that  the rised price is the way to improve the product's value.The key ways is to open and absorb new ideas.How to improve the value of stationery product?Lepusheng company thinks that it can improve in the follow two spects:

First of all,product value

What is the product value of the stationery products?Some said may be the function,or comfortable sensation.The new function of use function is the value of products.It is easy to find that the consumers are very concerned about the health.And there are many stationery enterprise has the adveritisement with the concept of "health, safet" in the current market.

Product value just like air,it is very important but easily neglected.That is why the bland staple goods always alive,and some new and innovative products come and go in haste.Just like the "Zhangfei beef",it is lacking the advertising but sell well.

Second, segmentation effect value.It means to meet the demand which not yet meeted.

Most of stationery factory are often wandering in the way to excavate efficacy value.There are two reasons,one is make the changing of competitor as the customer value through the copycat,advertising,promotion and reduce price.To meet the demand which othere has do.And the other one is to guess the demand of customers value,and ignore whether the customers accept or not.
It is the important meaning to helpful the enterprise develop rapidly for the stationery manufactuers through improve the value of the stationery products.Clear and to meed the customer's value,and to find the way to innovation and upgrade.Come from the value of the product and higher,so that it can firmly appeal to the consumer.Dut to the make the steady consumer loyalty,to timely rise price is the efficient tool.

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