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Fierce Competition in Stationery , It's Urgent To Avoid Chaotic Development

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-27


      The fierce competition in stationery industry  brings  the chaotic development of the market at the same time ,this chaotic development is  not conducive to the long-term development of the market. With the improvement of the relevant national standards, stationery enterprises should support and solve  the problem "how to effectively avoid the market in chaotic development " .In today's market, competitive market is mainly manifested in the following aspects:


       Lack of  innovation in same quality of products


       Same quality of products make stationery item look the same ,once  lack of creativity, innovation is difficult to maintain customer loyalty, besides , plagiarism and fake products,can be particularly bad for their own development.With the change of the times, more and more consumers have a higher demand on students stationery, and the pursuit of personalized products, creative stationery is also becoming more and more high.Believe that with the improvement of relevant national standards, those small factories lack of the ability of research and development must be eliminated.

       Products not dig  connotation deeply


      Those with deeper cultural connotation and the accumulation of high-end products usually can impress consumers and make them pay relatively high price, therefore to build high-end products in the cultural connotation , and spending a huge sum of money in science and technology research and development .Those connotation such as brand story, new product development and fashion products are the important basis of high-end products.


       Chaotic controls of product price


       Some stationery manufacturer  in order to compete in such many stationeries to attract consumer attention, they sale the stationery products at a low price.Therefore ,it make enterprises themselves   cannot get high profit, and also cause vicious competition of the market.Companies should have control limits of the price , and should truely know that pursuing low price  against the development of enterprise and market.


       Ignore the  overall operations of enterprise


      Research and development a new product needs to  special operation mode,  the research and development, procurement, production and marketing ,all these above have special business rules and patterns.Therefore, pay attention to  one part of the unique in the whole industry chain is difficult to make the enterprise has sustainable development, in a word ,the overall commercial operation, can maintain the vitality of the brand.


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