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How do stationery manufacturers strengthen the management of channels

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-20


          It is very important to choose a good stationery dealers for stationery manufacturer,when a new product go into the market, it need to play to the power of the channel to a great extent, especially to closely cooperate with dealers.So to choose a  ideal distributor is the key to the development of stationery manufacturers.Those good dealers should have the same objectives and marketing ideas with manufacturers , the distributor should have strong ability of distribution, good reputation, strong sense of service,and terminal management, etc.



          Choose good stationery dealer is not the end of the channel development, many enterprises always think they can once for all when find the right dealer, and not pay attention to manage channel operation, thus a lot of problems appeared.So from the overall situation, there are many factors affecting the development of channels, such as product ability, dealers, competition structure, industry development, etc., after the construction of the channel,they must continue to adjust according to the development of the market conditions , otherwise it's easy to have a big problem.


          So how to do, to have a good channel management ?Lepusheng stationery think stationery stores should do the following work to the channel management :


          1. The management of dealers' supplying, to ensure timely delivery, on this basis of  helping them  establish and streamline sales subnet, disperse the pressure of sales and inventory , speed up the circulation of goods.


          2. To strengthen the support of dealers advertising and promotion, and decrease the drag of commodity circulation;Improve the sales force, and promote the sales;Increasing the utilization of funds, make it become the important profit source of dealers.


          3. Responsible for the dealer, on the basis of guarantee the supply,to provide products and services for dealers .To properly handle the problems of product damage, customer complaints, customer returns, ensure the interests of the dealers from unnecessary damage.


          4. Strengthen the order processing for the dealer management, to reduce the problems that arised in the order and delivery link .


          5. To strengthen the settlement management of dealer orders, avoid settlement risk, protect the interests of the manufacturers.At the same time avoid the dealer to market chaos using settlement facilities manufacturing .


          6. Other administrative work, including training for dealers to enhance dealers' corporate philosophy, values, and the understanding of product knowledge.Also responsible for the coordination between manufacturers and distributors, dealers and distributors , especially for some emergencies, such as price fluctuation, the competition of products, product unsalable and shocks of surrounding market  or low price dumping which  disrupt the market,so they must in the form of cooperation, negotiation fact-finding mission,and  timely help dealer to eliminate worries, balanced mentality,to guid and support dealers to tend to the direction of  good marketing .


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