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Suitable is the best for the foreign trade

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-06

The advantage of China foreign trade is playing an important role in the development of student stationery.It will be play an important role in future.Of course,facing the changing market,foreign stationery enterpise should learn to respond actively. Don't give up as the weakness market.

There are also fierce in domestic stationery but opportunity and risk also in it.To deepen exising market is rather then to start a new market.To learn the foreign trade and the market rule.Turn to active instread of passive.Then to into the market as possible and learn more about risk before.It is the base of development.In addition,to improve the added value and the products quality through improve the research and development technology.For example,to do the green environmental protection products or the advanced enterprises stationery custom also a good ways.

Many boss are turning to do the domestic business.In fact,domestic business is not easy as see.In the usual contact information,some people siad that there is only a few dollars in the profits.But always sell out in high price through the middleman.

In fact, this is an error.We don't know the detail in brand construction.It is needs to pay a big price in brand construction.The fee of channels construction,brand construction and public relations.It is not include othe change such as artifical cost.So,when we know the traditional industries are not in excessive profit that we can put peace the mentality.

Foreign trade enterprises to enter the domestic market shuold to know the characteristics of the domestic market at frist.Then to play a suitable market development policies;Secondly,enterprise should adjust the mentality.the solid work is the right ways.Moreover,face the homogeneity competition,enterprise shuold to find the core advantages and do the best development.

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