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Double tenth revelation: electricity trend for stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-14


Nov.11,also called "double 11" .It is the "simgles day" in China,but now, it is became the Chinese online shopping day.In this years,the starter which cuase such big shopping days, has made exceeded 100 million yuan on online in the first minute.After 13 hour, the total turnover was over 19.1 billion yuan,it is the total turnover in all days last years.And there are over 350,19 billion in all day for this years.It make most peopler feels shocked.
Such rapid growth also proves that the e-commerce has a good development in China.With the rapid development of electronic commerce, most of suppliers begin to do the online business.Online saler is not big news for stationery enterprises.Most of enterprises began to do the e-commerce since 2008.But selling online is a new way,in the stage of attempt,there is a few companies actually gain the profitable.
After the years of development,e-commerce is more and more matured.And also linked with the offline bussiness.For example, there are many store are cooperation with the online B2B,to do the advertising  for the shop in B2B.Wether the customer shopping online or in offline market,it is good for this industry.Lepusheng thinks that consumer should be care more about the experience consumption for brand stationery supplies.So that,stationery suppliers should to improve the service and expand the service network all over the country.
In addition, electricity mobile platform also is a main trend.Stationery manufacturer should to take the mobile development  into account.It is not hard to know that the online activity is turn from the PC to mobile in the online shopping day.
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