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Don't let superstitious stationery mislead the children

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-06


           During exam season,stationery stores will always think about how to attract consumers?So the pervasive exam necessary stationery appeared.Have a look carefully,you will find that on the packaging of these students stationery,there written with the superstitious and graphic content like "must pass the exam". And as many parents worry about, these businesses marketing gimmick is easy to mislead the children.



           Understands from among college students, in a few students,there is really popular with some superstitious activities, such as "the horoscopes", every midterm and final exams, some students always bring the horoscopes book from home, and read from person to person, they will be curious and feel it so mysterious about the "fortune", "lucky day", "lucky Numbers", "lucky color and tips on how to get rid of the unlucky things.A few students will place their pencilcase adn other sttionery in the lucky place according to the astrology book after getting up on that day when the examing day comes.They usually wear cloth in lucky color on a examing day, some will wear a "lucky charms, all the things they do is for the good grades.


            With the heavier academic burden,and parents' expect can bring pressure to some students, they often feel anxious to reality, then this kind of superstitious activity to become a kind of comfort, a way to deal with pressure.Expert thinks,students will be easily form a negative outlook on life if they get too deep into it, is not conducive to their learning and growth.As a candidate,should be honest for the review, and can not hopes on superstition, so don't let these superstitious stationery and books affect the learning.


            In fact, no matter the blessing "pen" or the necessary stationery for the exam, these are just a marketing gimmick for business.Here Lepusheng warn broad customer should be rational when buying such stationery, in fact this is just a psychological comfort for students, and just because of this mentality, let a lot of stationery stores find the ways of the suction money, so that there will be so many superstitious stationery appears on the market.


             In recent years, the fierce competition in the stationery industry, make a competing business push all kinds of student stationery to attract consumer attention, which makes a lot of young consumers can't distinguish the pros and cons of stationery, as parents we should keep a rational mind, to give students the right guidance, to ensure that children properly treat creative stationery.


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