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How does the small and medium enterprises to do the electronic commerce?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-26

There are some relevants data shows that under the slowdown of the global economy,the domestic e-commerce keep the rapid and stable developing.Espcially in the "Double 11"(11st,November),the promotion in the whole electric shop.Stationery enterprise should to know the e-commerce is the trend in the future if they wants to open or expand the business.And how does the enterprises to do the electronic commerce.

First of all,to choose the suitable network sales platform:with the improve of the science and technology,and the enhancement of the leader competition consciousness,most of office supplier has they own web site to diplay the product's information,enterpirse news and so on.But as there is not obvious in the websites gathering effect,the customer only known the enterprise that search in the Internet.Therefor,it is very important to choose some suitable network sales platform in the professional, authoritative and high profile.

Second,combined the online and offline:It should combined the online and offline business.And it doesn't mean nothing once display the products online.How to do the targeted marketing without any know about market.To do the effectively market investigate,receiving the market feedback information, the offline activities effectively made up for the blind spot of network sales, to promot the sales activities in the late version. On the other hand,the necessary market inspection is good for the new product develop and the long-term development of enterprise.

Third,the rich word and real picture:Under the cause could't communicate face to face.To sell the product to customer need the detail produt infromation i nthe real,concrete and rich.In addition,the picture is the most intuitive impress to the clients.So that it is necessary have the  professional photographers and camera.

Fourth cooperation with other enterprise:There are not full range of stationery products in most of small and medium enterprises.But face the big customers,how to keep it ?Cooperation with the othe kind of producer is a good choice.It can meet the customer' s demand.

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