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Here comes the new term:office amd student stationery occupy the market

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-16


           With the new policy of the government about facilitation,the luxurious moon cake reduced a lot.Also, as the reducing cost about office stationery of the government ,the sales of office stationery also fall.In order to make up for the loss on office supplies sales, businesses increased the promotion on student stationery.And the economy of the new term can improve the school stationery sales.



           The beginning of the new term can drive the sales of students stationery, while each big unit will make the sales of office stationery decrease when they control it.The stationery market this year, apparently the sales of office stationery is lower than the students stationery.From stationery wholesale market, we can see all kinds of cartoon stationery,creative stationery,including the most fashionable element such as design concept from the network of current affairs.New products listed and all kinds of discount, so that the student stationery has a big sales.


            And in comparison, the office stationery market will appear a lot of cold and cheerless.Companies have reaction, since this year all kinds of enterprises, government agencies order less ordinary office stationery from them and they lost part of customers, and a lot of people have less demand for office supplies.For example, pen was 500 yuan/pec before, but now they only buy the pens within100 yuan.During,before and after the period of the new semester, more stationery stores owner is targeted at students consumer groups, in order to compensate for the losses on the sales of office supplies,and increased the promotion of school supplies, therefore,student stationery is popular in the stationery market.


           Of course, this is not enough  to choose students stationery as the main body for a stationery store owner, to manage the stationery shop,we should grasp the market direction,adjust the store marketing activities,so that we can develop the stationery shop.


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