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Office stationery need to change and brand stationery is a trend

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-22


         With the rapid change of stationery industry, the industry is becoming more and more mature, while it will bring new requirements at the same time when changing .Whe the current domestic office stationery industry in the reshuffle stage, the management is transform into the elaborating management from the vulgar management .From the product competition, price competition, marketing competition to the competition of product development, brand culture and brand service competition.



         As the  "uprising" of young consumers,demands of stationery products is changed obviously.From the pursuit of stationery shape before to the requirement of the quality of office stationery, the concept of the after 90 new generation group is becoming more and more mature ,and this will virtually change the production concept of stationery products.According to statistics, there are almost 10 thousand stationery manufacturing enterprises in China,but few of them are stationery brand enterprises .In the office stationery market, it is equal split  between domestic and foreign enterprises stationery brand.In this half of the market share , only 30% office stationery with the brand, the remaining 70% is still in the state without brand.Due to the lack of domestic office stationery brand, make foreign and joint venture stationery brand have good performance in various shopping malls .Especially the high-end office stationery ,the  market almost dominated by foreign brands.


          Thus it can not get all when only have the capital strength in office stationery market, the research and development, marketing, brand, human resources,any one of  these system engineering can be omitted.At the same time, because the office stationery brand management has its particularity, only held the pulse of office stationery market , to arrange specific kinds of office stationery, category, price, production volume.


          Office stationery market competition can be said to be a "war", the large-scale "war" starts in the stationery industry, if enterprises still follow traditional thought to develop the office stationery market ,then it will surely a lost battle.Stationery enterprises will only improve the marketing consciousness of enterprise brand , then the overall strength of enterprise can be improved ,too .Upgrading of  product innovation is actually related with  the marketing ideas .Only changes with the change of the market,so that we can  constantly get and grasp new development opportunities.


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