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Situation of current stationeyr dealers

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-31

Distributor is the bridge for the enterprise to make a deal with end consumers.Deales is become the important partners which enterprise has to cooparetion with its unique regional professional network distribution ability and financial strength at home and aboad.It is a only way into market for the new prodoucts.But comprehensive consider,the stationery dealers facing a lot of market text in current.

1.Upstream stationery facotry is reducing the dependence on dealers

As dealer are affected by the different in managemtn philosophy,marketing, financial strength and market management.They always could't agree with enterprises.Even some dealers always run to the different goals with enterprise.And cause the enterprise with love and hate.Most of stationery factory are reducing the dealer in sales channel and begin to make a new round of reform.

2.Intermediate distributors is crowd out the dealers

Stationery dealers is the first layer of the middlemen,they always directly contant with stationery manufacturers.Enterprise usually can get a certain amount of office supplies with its strong sales network.As the dealers counld't directly  sell by himself in the secound and third cities.They only can do the wholesales and distribution.And they always rise the product price and sell to the wholesales dealers.But it is could't be acceted by distributor.And the relationship of distributor and dealer are getting bad and bad.

3.The pressure of distributors from terminal market

With there are more and more supermarket like Wal-mart,Carrefour and Trust-mart.So that there is the big problem in the front of dealers.In one hand,the such supermarket with its brand awareness and the chain system.There are prefer to purchase the production from stationery manufacturers with cheaper price than the dealers.And they reduct the price through different promotion.

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