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The 2014 Beijing international exhibition of gifts and household items

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-06



【Exhibition information】


The date: August 14 to 17, 2014

The exhibition site (pavilion): China international exhibition center

Organizer: Beijing Li zhang hua qun exhibition co., LTD


【Background 】


            Beijing international exhibition of gifts and household items is a leading gift industry exhibition organized by Beijing Li zhang hua qun exhibition co., LTD  ( joint by Lizhan expo group, Lizhan huabo exhibition co., LTD.) , held on August 14, 2014-17, it will be held the 26th of the exhibition in Beijing China international exhibition center.Years of development accumulation,it has become the industry exhibition which we are familiar with, 40000 square meters of exhibition scale is undoubtedly in north China, and it has become a gift industry that insiders can not miss,also known as " first gift show in north China".


            80% of the gifts production enterprises in China are nearly concentrated in guangdong, zhejiang, fujian, Shanghai, jiangsu and other coastal economically developed areas, this makes the south become the base of traditional gifts production.And the northern region as half of it, is always the important market that enterprises in gift industry pay attention to .The exhibition focus in the market in the north can rich resources of China's gift stationery industry and the powerful strength that ismore than 10 years stay in Beijing ,and  build efficient trade platform for traders, buyers, provide a broader space for enterprises to expand business.


【The exhibition scope 】


            Scope of exhibits: crafts, ceramic, crystal, glass, metal crafts, gifts, promotional items, advertising promotional items, welfare, festival promotion products, brand electronic products, commemorative collection and coins, stamps, organic food, high-end business gifts, leather bags,Cultural goods supplies, household items, furniture, home outfit, soft adornment, hutch supplies series, home textile products, educational products of children's and adult , toys and children's daily necessities, travel and outdoor supplies, fitness and sports equipment, media, associations and trade services, etc.


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