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Housewares & Gift Fair South America

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-30

【Exhibition information 】

Exhibition Date: February,6-8,2013
Venue: Expo center norte
Date:August 2013, 17 - 20

【Background information】

Ather 20 years of development,the Housewares & Gift Fair sponsored by Grafite household is become the largest consumer and gift class fair in South America.In 2012,the exhibition area has reached 70000 square meters and there are more than 1400 exhibitor from 36 countries.There are attracted 51000 buyers form Brazil and the surrounding countries in four days. South America is the  fastest growing market in consumer goods.And the South America housewares & gift fair should the best ways to enter into it's market for Chinese stationery manufacturers.

South America market is huge and gestates,there are much business opportunities.And there are more than 13 coutries in the South America,the popelartion is about 370 million.GDP value is near to 2 trillion dollars.Brazil is the lagest country in the South America.Also the biggest market in the South America.The country has about 186 million population and the GDP valum is more than $1 trillion.It is one of world's 10 biggest economies. In recent years, there is the rapid development between China and Brazil.In 2009,there are more than $42.4 billion in improt and export total.And China has become Brazil second largest trading partner in the world.With the development of living standards.consumer goods and gift market is becoming one of fastest growing market in Brazil.

【Exhibition range】

Household supplies (table,kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, receive appliance ect.).
Household appliances (small home appliance, portable electronic equipment, audio and video products).
The family decoration (indoor lighting, artificial flowers, garden landscape, decorative accessories, oil painting and picture frames, decorative candles, process gifts),
Indoor furniture (dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, swimming pool, garden, etc.),
Home textiles (bedroom, bathroom, restaurant in textiles, towel, carpet, household fabrics),
Fine gifts (gifts, stationery, briefcase, tourism supplies)

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