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Tradition VS Transformation ,New Definition of Stationery Manufacturer

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-07


         To many traditional enterprises of stationery , what the fierce market competition brings is not only low-magin, but also disrupt orderly development of the industry. Changes in consumer demand make lots of  traditional companies began to focus on business innovation.
         The change  of marketing in the Internet era
              The so-called traditional companies  in the Internet is based on the marketing model from the offline to online, or cater to online and offline.However,  the main impact of the Internet is still in the category of  marketing , but not related to the production.Nowadays , there are manufacturers connect with the Internet in this way : a platform of  third-party as a mediator, and the processes always use the data from  the users in the Internet  for guiding .In this way ,it will  achieve the demand of production insead of  the backlog of inventory.  Therefore, the change of the  marketing model which the Internet brings is not just move the market channels to the Internet , what  the  important thing is to guide the production through the analysis of the data , so that enterprises will not blindly overproduction and increased production costs.
         Another  bullish model is to shorten the sales chain,  but to those office stationery industry network sell can combine  the  cost  of the agent channels, distribution channels and store channels  in one step. Changes in marketing patterns will lead to changes in the industry, companies will change according to the marketing aspects of the production and then adapt it  so that companies will gradually transition.
         Intelligent production equipment
         It is not hard to see the change in the export market environment  that  the goods which is "Made in China"  has gradually lost the advantage .The increasing cost of labor has made the stationery industry face with  pressures .In order  to deal with this problem ,  we can not only guarantee a certain salary level  to improve employee's belonging  ,but also have to optimize  intelligent  equipment .Stationery manufacturers'  fully automated production line must be less than semi-automated production line with workers,  and  production equipment must try to  change into automation but even improve into  intelligence.This is one of the methods to decrease the cost and improve the competitiveness , in the mean time , the intellegence is also one of the basic conditons to connect with sales data in the future .
       The Business transformation in recent years is repeatedly mentioned due to the downturn in the export environment . However , changes in distribution channels is not just the only way .In this ever-changing industry environment we can find various of business breakthroughs.It is this diverse breakthrough approach to the healthy development of enterprises, and support the steady development of enterprises.
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