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Stationery prices generally rise and wholesale stationery more benefits

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-05

The increased cost of plastic make stationery price gradually rise ,in order to avoid further shrinking profits and losses, stationery manufacturers have been forced to high stationery products price. However, it will face the risk of losing customers. How to exempt from cost to bring trouble and make a customer accept high consumption? It become a new topic to stationery enterprise.So, how to embodies for price rise of stationery?


"Material to reduce"  stationery disguised inflation


Compared to the exercise books before, can be obviously found, although the price is changeless, the original 24 pages change to 21 pages PVC stationery products change original thickness and the number of grams of down; And ball-point pen, gel pen, although the price is still the same, but cartridge weight, the length of the oil has been changed. In addition, in addition to "material to reduce ", some stationery products chose "upgrade" products, improve product appearance or other, so as to realize the demand price.


Japan and South Korea stationery scraping to "noble wind"


With the Stationery industry's rapid development, Japan and South Korea stationery are welcome by primary and middle school students due to its lovely and cool. Because most of Japan and South Korea stationery with unique originality, unique outside and various function, they are very attractive to the students who pursuit the new products. However, Japan and South Korea stationery price is very expensive. The function and the progress in a friendly and innovation also will be the most important technique for stationery manufacturers realize stationery rise in price products.


On line shopping is not favorable


In that case, will on line shopping stationery get some more benefits? In fact, online sellers sell products after bought from the wholesale market, it add a program in sales. If not to buy a lot, online price actually is more expensive than wholesale market. Parts of the low price product plus freight have the same prices with wholesale market. Therefore, in against the stationery products prices choose to buy a lot in the stationery wholesale market could get more benefits.


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