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Export stationery should more attention to the Europe country

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-25

Recently, The EU RAPEX has made the circulate a notice to the China children painting supplies.Because of there is over 3.6% of ester DEHP in the watercolors plastic.It is over the  0.1% of  the highest limit in eu REACH regulations.At present,the EU has made the compulsory evacuation.

It is understood that those printing supplies has been blongs to the management of children's toys in the European Union.This notification also one of representative of  China unqulity stationery products.Take view of the notification from UE in recent years.It can find that most of them be cuased as it is below the standard chemical or there is the chemical is bad for children such as benzene,Xylene, ,diethylene glycol and so on.That should be pay more attention to the staitonery export.

In recent years, the requierments of environmental protection is more and more severe for children supplies in EU.Besides strict requirements of the EN1-3,EN1-9,REACH,the new requirements of the toys products will take effect on July 20, 2013.This instruction is disable 55 kinds of spices and should be informed  of 11 kinds if over 0.01%.In addition,there are the more stringent restrictions of 15 chemical and 19 heavy metals.

The EU is the mainstream export market for China stationery,the upgrading of chemical enviromental requirements should be effect the export situation of stationery. Therefore, inspeciona  inspection and quarantine departments to remind the stationery export enterprises as followes:

One,to study and know more about the chemical environmental protection laws,regulations and standards.Make clear the trade environmental requirements of the country or region;
Two,to strengthen the contract review and communicate with customers actively in environmental protection clause, to evade responsibility.

Third,to improve the product design verification system, make the specific requirements of environmental protection into the design process and the procurement of raw materials.Make sure your innovative production are fully in accord with the quality and safety.

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